Laboratory for cyto- and molecular pathological analysis of systemic cancer

The diagnostic laboratory (systemic cancer progression laboratory, SCP-lab) of the Chair of Experimental Medicine and Therapy Research uses cytomorphological, cell biological and molecular pathological methods to investigate the systemic disease spread and molecular progression stage of cancer. The diagnostic procedures accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 include the detection of circulating tumor cells in blood and disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow, lymph nodes, malignant effusions and CSF as well as their molecular-pathological characterization. Our quality management system serves to continuously maintain and further develop our high quality standards. All laboratory analyses are continuously monitored by extensive internal and external quality control measures.

Click here to view our accreditation certificate and and the annex to the accreditation certificate.


Analysis spectrum

  1. Immunocytological inspection of bone marrow, lymph nodes, blood, malignant effusions and CSF for disseminated and circulating tumor cells, including Her2 expression.
  2. Molecular pathological examination of disseminated and circulating tumor cells for genomic copy number alterations (CNA) or presence of a BRAFV600E/K Mutation

Detailed information on our analysis spectrum can be found in the section Information for Physicians.

Note: Sample collection errors may result in false positive/negative results or make it impossible to analyse the sample. Therefore, please observe the following information for physicians. A negative result can never completely rule out the presence of systemic cancer, especially in the early stages of disease.



We offer requesters an open, interdisciplinary cooperation. The head of the department and the responsible staff provide physicians with comprehensive information and advice on indications, pre-analysis and interpretation of findings as required.

Patients are advised by the requesting physicians.


Information for physicians

Click here for detailed information on our analysis spectrum, sample collection/quantity and transport conditions.

General transport advice:

Unfixed samples are potentially infectious. In order to prevent risk to persons and the environment during transport and to ensure sample integrity, packaging must comply with UN 3373. This means leak-proof primary containers and secondary packaging, as well as stable/break-proof outer packaging. The requester will be notified of unsuitable or damaged samples without delay.


Order forms and sampling tubes

We require a completed order form in order to be able to carry out the desired analysis. Please enclose this form with every sample sent to the SCPL. Please request the order form and sampling tubes for CellSearch examinations here:


Turnaround times and quality assurance

We carry out all tests with care and to the highest quality. Our accredited examination procedures and experienced specialists guarantee precise results. We use laboratory-developed tests (LDT). You can find the declaration of conformity of our LDT with Regulation (EU) 2017/746 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR) here.

As a rule, immunocytology and molecular pathology examinations require 14 days and CNA analyses at least 21 days. This gives us enough time to carry out the examination you require precisely and to check the results thoroughly.

The results are sent to the requester by post or fax. This enables your results to be communicated quickly and securely.

We understand that waiting for results can be a challenge, but quality is our top priority.



Quality management and customer service: we value your feedback

The satisfaction of our clients and patients is especially important to us. It is the motivating force that forms the foundation of our work. For this reason all suggestions and complaints are closely analysed according to a defined process. This allows us to work together with you to reduce errors and improve patient safety in diagnostics. We welcome the opportunity to continuously improve the quality of the service we provide.

You can address your queries, complaints and objections, as well as praise and suggestions to us by telephone, in writing or by email. The same applies to other information and questions relating to the examination.

Chair of Experimental Medicine and Therapeutic Procedures
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Upon receipt of a complaint, we will check whether the complaint relates to a service provided by us. If the unsatisfactory service falls within our area of responsibility, we will confirm this to you and endeavour to resolve the complaint as soon as possible. We ask for your understanding that a comprehensive clarification may take several weeks. Your complaint will always be dealt with impartially and non-discriminatorily.